Is Cage-Free Boarding Beneficial For Your Favorite Canine?

You may be asking, “What exactly is cage-free boarding and why would I consider it for my dog?” Cage-free is exactly as it sounds – an environment where your dog is not placed into a cage or a run. In a more traditional boarding situation, with a cage or run, your dog is confined to a single area and does not have the opportunity to interact with other dogs or people.

Cage-free boarding is a wonderful option for dog owners because it is like your dog is also on a mini-vacation while you are away. Your dog will run around with the caregivers who also give lots of affection and pampering. With cage-free, dogs can choose to be inside or outside, play ball or take a nap at their leisure. There is no waiting to have interaction with caregivers as they walk by or begging to be taken outside for playtime.

Some dogs don’t do well in a group situation, but there are many dogs that thrive. The team at Uptown has found that our dogs are relaxed, active and happy in a cage-free setting. They make friends and sometimes even form cliques just like humans. Our dogs form bonds and it is incredible to see how they recognize one other when they return.

The best way to find out if cage-free is best for your dog is to bring him or her to a cage-free boarding facility for an interview. At our facility, we test each dog for separation anxiety, toy aggression, how they interact with other dogs, etc. Do they like to relax on the pillows or doggy loungers? Do they prefer to be held? Each dog that comes to us is treated as a family member and is not left alone while their owners are away for an extended trip or just the day.

Dogs love cage-free boarding for the fun, friends and freedom!

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