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Grooming and makeovers

Our gentle technique results in the best styling for your pet.  Good grooming not only enhances your pets’ appearance but it can contribute to their overall comfort as well. Our shampoos & trimming techniques help to ease itchy skin & heat distress. We focus on complete skin and hair care for your pet. Unlike many other grooming salons, instead of just shampoo we use three different products for bathing your pet. We use blueberry facial to clean the pets face. We clean the rest of the body with top of the line shampoo followed by another top of the line conditioner.

Also, we dry our pets by hand using forced air dryers. Unlike cage drying, hand blow-drying completely eliminates the danger of overheating a pet and enables our staff to provide highly individualized attention to each pet. In addition, forced air dryers do a terrific job of loosening and lifting the coat – this provides a gentle removal of dead undercoat, translating to less shedding as well as a fluffier and more finished look.