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What to expect when you pick your dog up after boarding?

While you may be pleased to pick up your dog and take them home after their first stay in a boarding place, this may not be a smooth ride, especially if this is the first time you’ve boarded your pet. Not all dogs react the same way when you take them home after boarding; some will display behavioral changes that may surprise or worry you. What kinds of behavior can you expect from your pet?

Personality Changes

While some dogs come home from boarding and settle down as if they’ve never been away, others may take some time to settle. You may find that your dog’s behavior changes when you get them home. For example, they may get really clingy and follow you around everywhere. Alternatively, they may ignore you and be slightly aloof. Some dogs act up a little and behave badly when they first come home even though they are usually well-behaved. Typically, you’ll find that your dog will get back to normal once they get used to being back at home. Once your dog realizes they are back to their normal routine and is with you once again, they should start to behave normally. It’s a good idea to give your pet a lot of love and attention when you get home; however, you should also make sure to re-establish your usual routine and rules to get your dog back in line as quickly as possible.

Changes in Appetite

Your dog may eat a lot more than usual when they first comes home from boarding. This doesn’t mean that they weren’t fed during their stay. Some dogs are simply happy to get back to their regular variety of food; others may not have eaten as well as usual in boarding, especially if they were a little stressed. It’s also not unusual for dogs to be very thirsty when they get home. Again, they may not have drunk as much water as usual in their boarding stay.

Upset Stomachs

In some cases, dogs may come home from boarding with an upset stomach. Vomiting and an upset tummy can also be caused by stress. In some dogs, this stress may be caused by anxiety from being in a boarding facility; other dogs may get an upset stomach when they get over excited about coming home.

After daycare, my dog is drinking a TON of water! Don't you give water?

We get asked this question all the time! Please rest assured that your dog has clean water available 24 hours a day. Some dogs don’t drink as much while in daycare due to the extra amount of mental and physical stimulation they experience. Much like small children, all the new sights, sounds, smells and people, can be overly exciting and the last thing they want to do is stop to drink. While this is common, know that we monitor your pet’s water intake and we will let you know if your pet is not drinking at all. (Although this is rare) If your dog drinks in excess when they get home, simply keep an eye on how much water they drink in short periods as drinking large amounts of water too quickly may cause vomiting.

What can I do to help prevent the spread of kennel cough and canine influenza?

Keep in mind that canine influenza and kennel cough are much like the human flu or cold and spread the same way. Talk to your veterinarian and keep your dog current on all recommended vaccinations. Keep your dog out of daycare and other social situations for at least 10 days if you have reason to believe your dog was exposed to either canine influenza or kennel cough. Most importantly, remember you know your dog best, so if you suspect your dog might be “a little under the weather” please, keep your dog out of social situations, as your dog is likely to be contagious even if your dog is not coughing or showing other obvious clinical signs of being sick. Please alert Uptown Paw immediately if your dog shows any symptoms or if you suspect your dog is sick.

What is a dog temperament test evaluation?

Think of it as a simple “meet and greet.” We then are able to see which of two daycare oasis they are best fitted to thrive in. Evaluation consultations are available by appointment to accommodate your schedule. Please bring the necessary vaccination records (as described above.) Plan on about 15 minutes of your time to get your dog into our system and plan on your dog staying with us for 1-2 hours. During the evaluation we will slowly introduce your dog to a few dogs at a time, this will ensure the highest level of safety. At pickup we will discuss your dogs results and how to proceed. This ensures the safety of all of our pet guests and staff. Temperament and personality evaluations must be scheduled in advance. Please call ahead to schedule your appointment, as we want to make sure we have adequate time to get to know your dog.

How do I make a reservation?

To get started click on the Book Now icon, from there you will create an online profile for you and your pet(s). Please make sure to read house policies before booking.

Do I need to make a boarding and daycare reservation?

Yes, it is always best to make a reservation for daycare and boarding. However, we do accept established clients for drop in daycare, as each pet guest must be pre-registered and vaccination status verified. Dogs must also have completed a temperament and personality evaluation before they can play or stay with us. This does require an appointment and 1-2 hour time commitment. We strongly encourage you to call ahead, as daycare and boarding does fill up quickly. If your dog will be joining us regularly for daycare, we recommend making a standing reservation. This way your dog will always have a spot and not miss out on the fun.

Do I need to make grooming or bath appointments?

Yes, please call or text us at 714-596-5312. Or email us at [email protected] or go to our contact page to fill out our form so we can get you on our book as soon as possible.

What are cancellation policies for grooming appointments?

Please give us 48 hour notice or 50% groom fee forfeiture. Less than 24 hours or a no show, will be a full groom fee, and all future appointments will require deposits moving forward.


What do I need to know about holiday peak season and boarding cancellation policy?

We understand plans may change, however since we are a small boutique hotel we only have 18 overnight rooms. We request a 50% non-refundable deposit to reserve boarding without cancellations 1 week prior to arrival date, failure to cancel will result in forfeiture of deposit.


What are your boarding requirements?

Vaccination Requirements

Dog guests are required to have current vaccines:

    • Rabies Vaccine
    • Distemper Vaccine (DHLPP) including leptospirosis vaccine
    • Bordetella Vaccine

All pet guests are required to be free from external parasites (such as fleas and ticks.) All pet guests are required to have a negative fecal test for Giardia every year.


What are the Check-In and Check-Out requirements for boarding and daycare?


    • Check-in time: Anytime between business hours
    • Check-out time: 12 pm otherwise Daycare Surcharge is applied
    • Please allow 15 minutes to properly check in at our reception desk.
    • Pets not picked up prior to our lobby closing time will be considered overnight guests and be charged an additional night’s stay.
    • We are closed to the public on these holidays for check in check out but do accept boards the day before: Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and the 4th of July


    • We offer Small & Large Dog Indoor Daycare EVERY DAY of the week.
    • We are closed for daycare on holidays (New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.)
    • Drop off anytime lobby is open
    • M-F 7am-7pm Sat-Sun 9am-5pm
    • All Daycare must be checked out by closing otherwise they will be considered an overnight guest & be charged accordingly.
    • For Half Day Daycare, pets can come as soon as our lobby is open. Half Day pets can stay for four hours after check-in. Pets that stay after four hours will be considered full Day and be charged accordingly.

What if I cannot pick up my pet by closing time?

We require that pets be picked up by 7pm. We allow a late pick up till 7:20pm with a$15 charge, otherwise they will be required to stay another night and be charge an extra night fee. We do this because pets are tucked in and ready for sleep, and we do not want to disturb them once they are settled in their suites for the night. We hope you understand and appreciate why we cannot offer after-hours pick-up or drop.

Can I get a tour before booking with Uptown?

Yes of course! Sunday tours by appointment only. In the interest of providing rejuvenation for our furry clients, we respectfully request that our policy be honored. Unscheduled visitors can interfere with the tranquil environment and peaceful experience we have strived to create. Our goal is to offer exclusive services that meet the needs of our valued clients.

What happens if I need to extend my pets stay?

Please call us especially for during peak holiday season to make sure we can make that accommodation we can get pretty booked out, but sometimes have cancellations.

Can I bring treats for my pet?

Yes, please do, especially if your pet is used to treats. Treats will only be given when your pet is in their personal suite and with your permission.

Are you open on holidays?

We are closed to public for grooms or daycare but are hosting and taking care of our furry guests on these days that have stayed with us while you’re away for the holidays (New Year’s Day, Easter, Independence Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day) therefore we do not accept drop off or pick up on holidays.

Do you offer customized feeding times for my pet?

To ensure proper portion control, all meals must be pre-packaged and divided into individual serving sizes. Whole food bags will not be accepted. For hygiene reasons, we do not permit the use of home brought cups, bowls, or spoons on the premises.*A meal surcharge will be added if meals are not provided in individual portioned packages.

Can you handle raw or cooked meals?

Yes we have refrigerators dedicated for storage of meals. Please make sure they are all pre-packaged divided into individual serving sizes. Whole food bags will not be accepted. For hygiene reasons, we do not permit the use of home brought cups, bowls, or spoons on the premises.*A meal surcharge will be added if meals are not provided in individual portioned packages.

What does a typical day of boarding and daycare entail?

A typical day includes lots of fun activities and personalized attention for your furry companion. We offer unique services tailored to each individual dog’s needs. We start the day with their daycare buddies. They can participate in games and activities with their friends. Snacks and cookies are given out at 11:00 am and each dog has some one-on-one time with one of us. From 11:30am – 1:30 pm, it’s time for a nap in a climate-controlled space with soft music and lights out. Afternoon activities from 1:30-4:00 pm are just as fun but with a lower pace of play. Dogs leaving for home will have time to relax and get cleaned up from 4:00-4:30 pm before pick-up time from 4:30-5:30 pm.

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