The Spirit of Uptown

We go with the rhythm of their beat of the day. We understand them, & their needs, tailoring the day’s play to their mood. That’s uptown’s ethos, where our furry guests’ spirit meets ours!

Where Furry Spirits Meet: Tailored Play for a Joyful Stay

Are you looking for a premium doggy daycare and live in Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, Irvine, or the surrounding Orange County CA areas? Look no further than Uptown Paw, where we offer nothing short of excellence for your beloved pets! Rest assured knowing that your furry friends will be safe, nurtured, and loved while you’re away! Discover the peace of mind that comes from leaving your pets in the capable hands of Uptown Paw’s caring professionals.

Fostered Friendships

Tailored Play

We understand your pet’s needs & tailor play accordingly. We create an environment that fosters friendship, where pets can let their true selves shine. Whether they want to relax, play, or hang out with the pack, we support their mood of the day.

Our boutique one on one approach ensures everyone has plenty of space and safety. We want to maintain their positive behaviors and keep stress levels low. We listen to each bark and understand what they’re saying, because some days they just want to play, while others they want to rest. Our goal is to provide both physical & emotional care, and our motto is to let their spirit be the spirit of Uptown. With years of training and certifications, we’ve found this approach to be the best.

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Mindful Space

Two Separate Play Areas

We have everything covered – from safety and hygiene to fun and socializing! We have two play areas, the large dog oasis & the small dog oasis. We use our free temperament tests to determine which space your furry friend will enjoy the most. Plus, our play areas are equipped with drains for daily cleaning with pet-friendly solutions. No need to worry about the weather! We’ve got temperature control throughout our facility, which is especially crucial in sunny California. You can rest easy knowing that your pet won’t suffer from harsh outdoor elements like sunburn, insect bites, and grass allergies.

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Daycare Packages

Big Discount Promotion

Buy 10 day package (valid 90 days)
+1 night free boarding
20% off full service bath
1 free nail trim & ear cleaning

Buy 20 day package (valid 90 days)
+2 nights free boarding
+5 additional days daycare
+1 free bath 

Buy 30 day package (valid 90 days)
+5 nights free boarding
+10 additional days daycare
+1 free bath
+Free Uptown gift set shampoo+conditioner

Your furry friend will enjoy supervised playtime, exercise, & socialization while you’re at work. With added perks of free stays & pampering!

*Promotion for first time daycare clients.
Must be used within 90 days of purchase date, cannot be combined with other discounts. Cannot be combined with other discounts, cannot use boarding night on peak holiday weeks of: Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, 4th of July & New Years.

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Full Day

    • 1 Day                $41
    • 10 Days            $360
    • 20 Days            $690
    • 30 Days            $930

Half Day

    • 1 Day                  $28
    • 10 Days              $250
    • 20 Days              $480
    • 30 Days              $650
    • Multi-day packages do not have to be
      consecutive days
    • Must be used within 90 days
    • 10% discount per additional sibling
    • Half-days (up to 4h)

Thursday Special

Enjoy a full day of daycare for a discounted price every Thursday for $35.


    • Two separate play areas: small & large dog oasis
    • Multiple drains in play areas, cleaned daily
    • Themed play areas
    • Temperature controlled all year round
    • Indoor only, no sunburns, heat strokes, or insect bites
    • Music therapy
    • Cage free
    • All doors are steel, double-tempered glass
    • Water throughout the day
    • NO overcrowding
    • One-on-one time


All dogs must complete a free 1 hr temperament test before utilizing daycare or boarding. We host these by appointment. All vaccines are up to date prior to the temperament test & boarding.

  • Rabies Vaccine
  • Distemper Vaccine (DHLPP) including leptospirosis vaccine
  • Bordetella Vaccine
  • Fecal exam every 6 months (updated)

All pet guests are required to be free from eternal parasites (such as fleas & ticks). And required to have a negative fecal test for Giardia every 6 months.

Daycare isn’t just a place for your pup to socialize – it’s also an opportunity for them to learn to interact with humans, other dogs, new noises & activities. We want to create a peaceful & relaxing atmosphere for them to retreat to, so if your furry friend is prone to chewing or getting destructive when you’re away, we’ve got you covered with plenty of entertainment to keep them occupied until you’re ready to take them back home.

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