HOWL-o-ween Costume Contest!

We invite you to post your most adorable, scary and silly photos of your dog or cat dressed in a Halloween costume on our Facebook page. The canine or feline winner will be announced on November 1st and receive a complimentary spa day from Uptown Spa!

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2. Post your photo to our Facebook page.

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Uptown Team Pawfile: Devin

We’d like to introduce you to Devin Oliver. She has been working at Uptown Paw for a little less than a year.

My favorite breed of dog is: a Standard Poodle because they are beautiful and intelligent.

The name of my first pet/type of pet: Pearl and she was a rat.

The funniest thing a dog has ever done: Annie a collie who had a prominet over bite always looked like she was smiling.

Something you didn’t know about me: I love to Mosh Pit.

My favorite thing about Uptown Paw: All the TLC and the poochies.

Anything else you would like to share: I have been in the industry for about 7 years. I love it more than any other job. Working with dogs is my passion and my dream is to own my own shop someday.

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SuperZoo 2011: Great Show!

The Uptown Team left for SuperZoo 2011 Las Vegas on Monday (9/12) in the early afternoon with tons of excitement, smiles and great energy.

The drive to Vegas went pretty smoothly, but we could see rain in the distance and once we arrived to State Line it began to thunder and rain on us. We had thunderstorms everyday during the show, but thankfully it cleared up before we had to drive back home.

We arrived to Vegas at 5:00 p.m. and had to hurry to check into our hotel before racing over to Mandalay Bay so Nikki and Suzanne could get to their first meetings. By 8:30 p.m we were back at the hotel to finally unload our gear for the week, order some much-needed room service and crash into bed by midnight. There was only enough time for about 2 hours of sleep because we had to hop out of bed by 2:00 a.m. to have Malcomn bathed and ready for a 7:00 a.m. check in. Suzanne put Malcomn into a german puppy cut and then she had only 30 minutes before heading over to Rescue Rodeo.

We are happy to share that Suzanne and Malcomn took FIRST PLACE in the Standard Poodle Class – everyone, including Malcomn, was very proud!

Tuesday was a very long day so we grabbed some dinner, a little time on the slots and headed back to the hotel room. When we arrived, Suzanne was elated because she came back to her new Standard Poodle puppy of 5 months old – Cash.

Wednesday was show time for Nikki and Duke. They looked great and did an awesome job at their first show!

On Thursday, it was Taylorr’s turn. She looked fantastic and stayed very calm even through the long hours of bathing, drying and grooming.

Taylorr’s beauty regimen also included a great night’s sleep the evening before her big debut.

We want to give a shout out to Jessica Cain of Purrcision Grooming. She took home second place in the Jackpot Class and a check for $5,000. Way to go Jessica!!!

The Uptown Team is now home and back to work. Our next show will be in Pasadena this February 2012 where Taylorr will likely compete.

Thank you to All who supported us during SuperZoo 2011.

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Uptown Team Pawfile: Nikki

Nikki and Mika

Meet Nikki Lushbaugh and her standard poodle Mika.  Nikki is Uptown Owner, Suzanne Marchetti’s Assistant.  Nikki came to us as a bather/brusher while going to college and studying film.  She started to think about grooming and showed a natural flare for it. Nikki went to her first competition this past February with Duke (one of our client’s cocker spaniels) and now Nikki and Duke are headed to Super Zoo in Las Vegas this coming week! We wish Nikki and Duke the best of luck!!!

More info. about Nikki…

I have been working at Uptown Paw for  2 yrs and 3 months. I started out as a bather and brusher.

My favorite breed of dog is a Standard Poodle because they are so intelligent, but also mixed breeds as they are so unique.

The name of my first pet/type of pet: I had two bunnies - Snowie and Brownie.

The funniest thing a dog has ever done: It cracks me up watching dogs try to catch bubbles or flies and then collide into the other dogs because they are so fixated on what they are chasing.

Something you didn’t know about me: I was a competitive fighter for 4-5 yrs in kick boxing mixed with martial arts.

My favorite thing about Uptown Paw: All the cuteness around me.

Anything else you would like to share: Fluffy isn’t always better

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Is Cage-Free Boarding Beneficial For Your Favorite Canine?

You may be asking, “What exactly is cage-free boarding and why would I consider it for my dog?” Cage-free is exactly as it sounds – an environment where your dog is not placed into a cage or a run. In a more traditional boarding situation, with a cage or run, your dog is confined to a single area and does not have the opportunity to interact with other dogs or people.

Cage-free boarding is a wonderful option for dog owners because it is like your dog is also on a mini-vacation while you are away. Your dog will run around with the caregivers who also give lots of affection and pampering. With cage-free, dogs can choose to be inside or outside, play ball or take a nap at their leisure. There is no waiting to have interaction with caregivers as they walk by or begging to be taken outside for playtime.

Some dogs don’t do well in a group situation, but there are many dogs that thrive. The team at Uptown has found that our dogs are relaxed, active and happy in a cage-free setting. They make friends and sometimes even form cliques just like humans. Our dogs form bonds and it is incredible to see how they recognize one other when they return.

The best way to find out if cage-free is best for your dog is to bring him or her to a cage-free boarding facility for an interview. At our facility, we test each dog for separation anxiety, toy aggression, how they interact with other dogs, etc. Do they like to relax on the pillows or doggy loungers? Do they prefer to be held? Each dog that comes to us is treated as a family member and is not left alone while their owners are away for an extended trip or just the day.

Dogs love cage-free boarding for the fun, friends and freedom!

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Kitty Purrfile: Sara

My Name is: Sara

My mom is: Suzanne Marchetti

My favorite thing about Uptown Paw: All the people I get to meet and all the loving they give me.

My favorite toy: Pam’s keys, cell phone, pens, basically any of her work at the front desk.

My favorite thing to do: Climb up the rocks by the KoiPond and relax

When you first come to Uptown Paw one of the first sights you have is of Sara – Suzanne’s 16yr old  cat.

Sara, along with her 3 sisters, live at Uptown Paw, but mostly it is Sara who comes up to give “purr”sss and love to our clients.

Everyone who meets her is immediately struck by how mellow she is and that all the dogs coming in doesn’t even phase her. From time to time she scares people because she is so still no one realizes she is real until they come up close to her.

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Owner Pawfile: Suzanne Marchetti of Uptown Paw

Let’s get to know Uptown Paw Owner Extraordinaire – Suzanne Marchetti.

I have been in business of caring for animals for more than 20 yrs.

I love animals because: WOW this is really a huge question. I LOVE animals because you get so much more than you give.

I realized I was an animal lover when: at the age of 4 I had raised over 300 frogs. Much to my father’s dismay, once they were fully developed from tadpoles to frogs, I set them all free in our backyard.

The craziest pet I have ever owned: was an African Muflong Ram

My first pet’s name was/type of pet: ”Mouse Meat” - he was a Guinea pig.

My favorite breed of dog is: I really do not have a favorite. I love each dog (and cat!) for their own individual spirit.

The funniest thing a dog has ever done: Well that was our little “Peach Pie”. She was my in-laws dog. We took her after my in-laws could no longer take care of her and her brother Peter. Peach would Poo on the walls…

My inspiration for opening Uptown Paw: To provide premium care for the pet-owning population in every aspect of their pets’ lives.

The most difficult part about owning Uptown Paw: When a client or their pet passes away, we lose a family member.

The best part about owning Uptown Paw: You get to spend all day, everyday with happy and loving pets.

Uptown Paw is different from and better than the competition: I think this is because we go above and beyond. We expect only the best. We provide very personal care for each and every pet.

Something you didn’t know about me is: I worked with exotic animals for a few years. I.E. Cheetahs, bears and a chimp.

Anything else you would like to share: I’m living my dream.

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Doggy Pawfile: Clementine

Living the dream

Meet Clementine. She is a Coton de Tuleur. She brings us a lot of joy and kisses when she comes in for Grooming, Doggy Day or boarding.

My name is : Clementine

My owner is: Sherri

My favorite color is : RED!!!

My favorite sound is : a Squeeky Toy

My favorite smell is: Chicken

I like it best when Sherri does Play ball with me.

My best friend is Oliver and our favorite activity is Ball.

Something you didn’t know about me is : I am very shy.

My favorite thing about Uptown Paw is: Pam and Suzanne

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Photo Opp: Smile for the Camera Ladies

Beautiful photos of Taylorr and Mika from Dogma Pet Portraits

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